Be self-confident and feel beautiful


  • Imagine yourself choosing your clothes in a moment instead of eternity
  • Imagine yourself feeling pretty and happy with yourself
  • Imagine that managing your wardrobe saves you money, time and nerves

"Confused when looking at my full closet and still I have nothing to wear." I understand. I've been there. But not anymore. Now I have less items and more to wear.

I am convinced that each woman can learn how to be pretty and interesting for herself and for others. You only need to know a couple of rules and tricks when dressing your figure and personality. Then deciding what to wear becomes easy and even fun.

My name is Michaela Pisoňová and I am a certified Style CoachTM. My education in clothing industry and pedagogy, experience in education of adult, passion for beauty, clothes and diverse human characters have lead me to become a personal stylist.

I see clothes and accessories as an extension of one's personality and at the same time as an awesome tool for communication with oneself and his/her surroundings.

Let me invite you to a discovery journey for YOUR OWN clothes and accessories...

What will we be doing together?

  • Discovering cuts, patterns, colors, combinations and accessories that flatter YOUR FIGURE
    You will learn how to shape your figure in line with your preferences.
  • Getting to know YOUR PERSONAL STYLE and items that support you to move closer towards your personal goal
    You will find a way how to express your unique personality by an appropriate choice of clothes and accessories. You will learn how to recognize things that you feel great in and help you to reach your personal or professional goals.
  • Learning about COLORS that flatter you
    You will find your color type and identify colors that suit you.
  • Analysing the whole your wardrobe piece by piece
    We will identify items that are good for you as well as those that are not so good. We will look for NEW COMBINATIONS from your current clothes and possible amendments so that we will remove only those items that cannot serve you anymore. We will make the most of your current closet content.

What will you gain from consultations with me?

ability to quickly identify the right piece for yourself

you will know to shop effectively and quickly decide on what to put on

closet only with items that support your unique beauty

all you will choose will be good for your figure, personality and intention

possibility to consult with me also after we finish with consultations

email consultancy for free until this service is cancelled

save time and money

you will know how to buy things that you will really use

your colors palet

you can have it always with you in your mobile

taylor made written report

I will give you my recommendations to you in words and pictures

What do women say about consultations with me?

Your help was marvelous! I started to wear clothes we bought together cautously but... after some of my friends told me I got prettier and slimmer and that I look good in colored clothes I wear them all the time. I feel great. My husband told me that he fell in love with me again ☺ I do not moan over each nice item in a shop anymore. I know what suits me and look only for things with cuts you advised me. It is an awesome feeling to be able to choose clothes with a consideration in a shop and then when looking in a mirror I say to myself - great, I look chic. So, I am thankful to you for all of it.
Slávkastay at home mother
Consultations with Mishka have overcome my expectations! She helped me to find my own style and choose basics for my new wardrobe in which I feel great. Thanks to her I know what suits me and what does not. I know how to add new items into my wardrobe so that it makes sense. She has taught me how to do my make-up so that I look natural and emphasize my own beauty... I feel and look much better now - I am complete me "upgraded to a better version" :D. My great thanks goes to Mishka. I hearthfuly recommend her services!
Slávka Harcegová
Mishka has opened my eyes and taught me what clothes I should be choosing for me. I learnt from her what colors, shapes, cuts I should notice on clothes. She has helped me to define my style which suits me. Thanks to her I have a sorted out renewed wardrobe. Mishka is nice and patient. If I will need an advice in future, I can turn to her. My Motto: I AM NOT SO RICH TO BUY USELESS THINGS.
AnkaSocial care professional
After I got into a total chaos in my business I realised that first changes have to happen with myself. I am very thankful to have a chance to cooperate with Mishka. She has confirmed my style, we analyzed my wardrobe, and mainly she has taught me new combinations from my clothes ☺ Identification of my color type was also an important and positive change for me. The whole coaching has brought me a better understanding of myself and my employees and has initiated positive changes in my personal and professional life. Once more big thanks and I am looking forward to a future cooperation ☺
Janka VajdováJ-Fashion owner

Time spent with me at your closet will help you to save time, money and your nerves.

You will be much more confident at knowing what suits you, why you like some things more than other, what makes sense to have and vice versa. You will feel better. Do not be afraid to invest in yourself. It will pay you off.


  • FIGURE SHAPING: cuts, shapes, materials, patterns, colors, accessories and their combinations which positively shape your figure
  • PERSONAL STYLE: clothes which are in harmony with your personality and you are feeling happy in
  • COLOR TYPOLOGY: your color type and tips for distinguishing colors that flatter you. Your color palette to have in your phone.
  • PERSONAL COACHING: help to see the uniqueness and beauty in you, advice on how to support reaching for your personal and professional goals by the choice of clothes.
  • WARDROBE ANALYSES: while goings through items in your wardrobe you will understand "theory", identify items that should stay as well as those that are missing, we will create NEW COMBINATIONS of your own clothes.
  • WRITTEN REPORT: tailor made sum of my recommendations that you can keep for your future referrenceindividualizovaný súhrn odporúčaní na doma v elektronickej podobe, obrazne aj slovom
  • EMAIL SUPPORT: possibility to consult with me also after our consultation ends, it is valid until cancelling from my side.
  • All together in about 5 hours of consultations in price 180 Eur
    Plus travel expenses if traveling outside of Bratislava

To book, please, enter in a comment field: "I book an individual personal style coaching consultation". Bz clicking on a button "Book a consultation" you will send me an email message. I will reply to you. Please, note that I will use your contact detail only for a purpose of this consultation service.

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